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Pew Research Study on AI Concerns    
The Turing Test Modern Turing Test (or Turing Test 2.0)  
More about when General AI might appear    
Moravec's Paradox    
 Response to Bing Chat volcano Prompt:
Organize the last ten years of worldwide volcanic activity into a table
Word version Excel version
Prompt Libraries 150+ChatGPT Prompts 50 Prompts for Teachers
  AI for Education Prompts 
  Awesome Prompt e-Book  
ChatGPT response to prompt:
Write a lesson plan for fourth grade math
Fourth grade lesson plan  
ChatGPT response to prompt:
Please create a set of vocabulary flashcards for a unit on georgraphic landforms
Flash card response Response to prompt:
Read the following excerpt from an essay and provide feedback based on the following criteria: grammar, clarity, coherence, argument quality, and use of evidence. Provide a score from 1-10 for each attribute, along with reasoning for your score.

"Despite the popular belief, there's no solid evidence supporting the idea that video games lead to violent behavior. Research on the topic is often contradictory and inconclusive. Some studies found a correlation, but correlation don't imply causation. So, it's premature to blame video games for violence in society. Response response to prompt:
Can you develop a rubric to evaluate this assignment "Identify a need an LLM, such as ChatGPT or another tool such as Bard, can answer and journal through the prompt improvement process. Identify how and why you modified each iteration of the prompt until you generated your optimal data."

Second prompt:
Could you please put that into a table format for me?

SlideGPT response to prompt:
How can professors use AI in the classroom
SlidesGPT -Using AI in the Classroom: Empowering University Professors  

MagicSchool.AI Response to prompt:
Create three paragraphs on text on dinosaurs for a 2nd grade level

Dinosaur 2ndGrade Text  
Yippity Sample Quiz on NASA page on planets: Yippity Quiz on Planets  

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